Local Health Departments Recognized for Improving Employee Health

Stephanie Carey
May 23, 2016
Greater Somerset Public Health Partnership

The Greater Somerset Public Health Partnership has used the NJHCN initiative to help expand Employee Wellness programs in three municipalities.

The Local Health Departments in Hillsborough, Bernards, and Montgomery Townships have advocated   to embed  new Employee Wellness Policies into township-wide personnel policies.  This gives concrete guidance to future policy-makers that the Townships will engage in a “Culture of Wellness” as part of their way of doing business, over the long term. These policies are helping increase access to screenings; provide low cost physical activity programs,  and provide easier access to  fresh produce.

I’m excited to report that Healthier Somerset has recognized all three Townships with their 2016 “Healthy Workplace Award”. Healthier Somerset’s reach with the business and health care sectors gives us a wonderful vehicle to launch a template to promote Employee Wellness among local businesses, and build relationships with business and stakeholders.

Our local elected officials are on board—we are promoting our employee wellness events with branding from the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign. It’s a great chance to bring our communities together, and encourage a little healthy competition.  This kind of promotion shines a spotlight on Wellness, and provides a roadmap for our neighbors on how to reproduce success.

This has been a great morale booster for our employees. Over 25% of Montgomery’s  employees were screened within the first month of our employee wellness program.  In Bernards, at least 40 families are getting more fruits and vegetable in their diet with a new farm share provider.   Hillsborough is adding a yoga program to reduce workplace stress and improve productivity.  Making these programs into workplace policy helps “Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice” for those who serve our community.

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